If You have a Website, We help you earn Money by placing ads on it. The more visitors you get, the more Money you earn.


Add Website

The first thing to do is to add your websites/apps on which you want the adverts to appear.

Create Adspace

Then Create adspaces that fits well on your web layout, on which companies will place their ads.

Place Adspace

Then Place created adspace to your website, by pasting its code where you want it to appear on your website.

Receive Ads & Get Paid

Then receive ads from different companies who crave the Ad space on your website/app, and get paid.

Intuitive & efficient

Use a single, intuitive interface to manage all your web, mobile, and app advertising.One platform, all formats. Engage audiences everywhere with beautiful, compelling ads.


  • Simplified & efficient Ad Process
  • Allow Multiple Ads in a single Ad Space
  • Advertise for many companies at once.
  • You have complete control over your space.
  • Use our countless inbuilt Ad Templates for your site
  • Easy Ad Placements with copy-paste.
  • Get comprehensive real-time stats about your ad performance.



How do i get Started?
You can Add Your Site on our ads marketplace, then you will be given a unique code to place on your site, which will display ads from different advertisers to your site automatically.
How many websites can i add?
You can add as many websites as you want, we check them, and once they adhere to our terms, we approve them, and you can begin selling your ad spaces to different advertisers.
How can i create Ad spaces?
There are tons of ad templates you can use to create ad spaces that fits your website needs, e.g. ad space before every post, ad space above the website, ad space inside posts, Facebook Formatted Ads, Link Ads etc..., you are in complete control of what to charge for each space, and how to charge it. If you have already Submitted your Site, Add Spaces Now
How do i get adverts?
Once your website is approved, its automatically listed among other websites that advertisers can choose from when they need to advertise. When an advertiser picks your website and uploads an ad on it, it will automatically begin showing once the payment is confirmed.


How do i get paid?
You get paid with Paypal online payment, or with offline payments: MTN MM, Equity Bank Transfer or in cash.
How much do i get paid?
You receive 67% of every revenue brought in by your website.
When do i get paid?
You are allowed to withdraw payment once you have accumulated 50$ or more.
How do you charge for ads?
We use three different billing models to charge advertisers. They can choose to pay for the amount of clicks, for the number of views or for the number of days.